7th: Cal-MSW, 3+, 9f-T (P4, P3, DD)

Best Value: #1 Bottle Service 5-1 8th
Next Best: #4 Incredible Luck 5-2 2nd
Exotics Use: #7 Marckie’s Water 3-1 WON ($7.00)
Super Add: #2 I’d Be Sad an Blue 9-2 3rd

8th: 64th Californian (G2), 3+, 9f (P3, DD)

Baffert already brought Collected back successfully with Santana Mile win and now returns 3X G2 winner (yes, 3X) Cupid. You can watch the cherub’s drill with Mor Spirit here and you won’t be worried about his readiness. That said, Collected has the recency edge, the rail and the emotional factor with his grandmother (Baby Zip) dying the other day..

Most Likely: #1 Collected 8-5 ($3.20)
Best Value: #2 Cupid Late SCR
Next Best: #6 Follow Me Crev 5-2 2nd
Exotics Use: #3 Prospect Park 7-2 3rd

9th: 23rd Mizdirection, F&M-3+, 6.5f-T (DD)

This is a VERY good group for $75k and I count at least 6 that can win. There sure looks to be a tussle in the offing up front, so you need to lean on the stalker-closers. As always, you know to look for the miler types turning back coming down the hill..

Best Value: #7 Perfect Pic 8-1 9th
Next Best: #2 Desert Steel 5-1 8th
Exotics Use: #5 Riri 5-1 4th
Super Add: #10 Swift Lady 4-1 7th

10th: MSW, 3+, 6f (Hi-5)

Serious 3+ MSW with Leading Score, half to Indian Blessing, and Wonderoveryonder, full to Firing Line, leading the pedigree parade. Bird Orr Brady returns out of well-bet debut, while Perfection Tale exits subsequent Los Angeles H. winner Lord Simba’s maiden-breaker. Firsters beyond the Firing Line brother are notable for some sharp morning efforts including Mandella’s Wertheimer homebred Acker, D’Amato’s speedy Towards the Light (Munnings o/o Orientate mare Golda M) and Morey’s Red Lightening who has turned in drills of :34.3 & :45.4 (!) readying for his bow. Finally, must mention 4yo Miner’s Light getting back to the races here for Carla Gaines. The Mineshaft gelding was beaten a nose by Exaggerator in his 7/25/15 DMR debut and then Uncle Lino and Wild About Deb in his second career start. Working well for return, Miner’s Tight is from the great Williamson female family of Blending Element. Dam Tiz Elemental (Texas Ryano’s sister) won the Melair and more..

Most Likely: #5 Leading Score 9-2 WON ($10.20)
Best Value: #3 Red Lightening 8-1 3rd
Next Best: #11 Bird Orr Brady 4-1 4th
Exotics Use: #7 Miner’s Light 6-1 5th
Super/Hi-5: #4 Mucho Chrome 12-1 9th

P4 Grid:

7: 1-4-7 (A), – (B), – (C)
8: 1 (A), 2/SCR (B), 3-6 (C)
9: 2-5-7 (A), 4-8-10 (B), 9 (C)
10: 3-5 (A), 7-11 (B), – (C)

Simple (A+B): 3x1x6x4 = 72 x .50 = $36
All A’s: 3x1x3x2 = $18 ($9 for .50)

Full (A-B-C-X): $57

All A’s

1: 1,4,7/1/2,5,7/3,5 ($9.00)

A’s with One B

2: 1,4,7/2/2,5,7/3,5 ($9.00)
3: 1,4,7/1/4,8,10/3,5 ($9.00)
4: 1,4,7/1/2,5,7/7,11 ($9.00)

A’s with Two B

5: 1,4,7/2/4,8,10/3,5 ($9.00)
6: 1,4,7/2/2,5,7/7,11 ($9.00)

7: 1,4,7/1/4,8,10/7,11 ($9.00)

A’s with One C

8: 1,4,7/3,6/2,5,7/3,5 ($18.00)
9: 1,4,7/1/9/3,5 ($3.00) $0.50 Pick-4 (7/1,2/9/5) Paid $160.00