1st: MSW,. 2yo, 8.5f-IT (P5, P3, DD)

Real excitement over first Frankel progeny on these shores as Lynch/Amerman send Brooklyn Bobby. And the reviews of his preparation are strong, but there are some nice ones signed on that have benefit of a start..

Most Likely: #1 Brooklyn Bobby 5-2 6th
Best Value: #3 Ultron 12-1 4th
Next Best: #2 Panama Papers 4-1 2nd
Exotics Use: #6 Kid Perfect 10-1 5th

2nd: MSW, 2yo, 6f (P4, P3, DD)

Lynch 2nd timer Tyler U adds Lasix after pop and fade debut. Plus worktab and tote in potentially loaded set. Rail irksome for Zito firster Borsa Vento, but if Cancel gets him out cleanly, Uncle Mo bay out of zippy dam can impact this. Brown (Practical Joke), Moquett (Air On Fire), Pletcher (Hieroglyphics), Amoss (Daddy’s Placer) all obvious contenders..

Most Likely: #4 Tyler U 8-1 7th
Next Best: #8 Practical Joke 7-2 WON ($6.80)
Best Value: #1 Borsa Vento 15-1 8th
Exotics Use: #3 Air On Fire 10-1 4th

3rd: NY-ALW/N1X, 3+, 5.5f-T (P3, DD)

Took 22 starts for him to meet his own NYB kind, but anything close to best from Fearthefalcon takes this..

Most Likely: #9 FEARTHEFALCON 7-2 3rd
Next Best: #1 Euros to Dollars 3-1 ($6.60)
Best Value: #8 Grand Sky 6-1 2nd
Exotics Use: #4 Bajan Summer 9-2 4th

4th: ALW/N1X, 3+, 7f (P3, DD)

Classy, treacherous group including 1st time 3yo’s Knights Key (12-1) & Neolithic (6-1) who could make the moves necessary to compete. .

Most Likely: #3 Summer Revolution 9-5 WON ($5.10)
Next Best: #6 Neolithic 6-1 2nd
Best Value: #1 Knights Key 12-1 7th
Exotics Use: #7 Juan and Bina 8-1 3rd

5th: MSW, 3+, 8.5f-T (P3, DD)

Terrific group of 3yo lawn maidens, many of which have already run well enough to graduate. Spread as best you can to end the P4/P5.

As an aside, forgot to explain on air Friday what ‘Spuyten Duyvil’ is to those west of the Hudson River. The Dutch moniker (meaning Spouting Devil) originated with the settlers of ‘New Amsterdam’ (New York), identifying a river and ultimately a lovely Bronx neighborhood. If the Team Valor homebred runs back to his Arlington debut, he’ll win here..

Best Value: #6 Spuyten Duyvil 12-1 12th
Next Best: #5 Sport 7-2 4th
Exotics Use: #2 Butler Field 9-2 8th
Super Add: #1 Tricked Up 5-2 WON ($9.40)

P5 Grid:

1: 1-2-3 (A), – (B), 6-7-10 (C)
2: 4-8 (A), 1-3 (B), 6-7-10 (C)
3: 9 (A), – (B), 1-4-8 (C)
4: 3-6 (A), 1-7 (B), 2-4-5 (C)
5: 1-2-5-6 (A), – (B), 7-8-10-11-12 (C)

Simple (A+B): 3x4x1x4x4 = 192 x .50 = $96
All A’s: 3x2x1x2x4 = 48 x .50 = $24

P4 Grid:

2: 4-8 (A), 1-3 (B), 6-7-10 (C)
3: 9 (A), – (B), 1-4-8 (C)
4: 3-6 (A), 1-7 (B), 2-4-5 (C)
5: 1-2-5-6 (A), 7-8 (B), 10-11-12 (C)

Simple (A+B): 4x1x4x6 = 96 x .50 = $48
All A’s: 2x1x2x4 = $16 ($8 for .50)

$.50 Pick 4 (8-103-1) Paid $62.75 (A-C-A-A)

6th: MSW, 2yo, 6f (P6, P3, DD)

Casse’s Story has run into stablemate Thirstforlife and stakes winning Bitumen already. Theoryintopractice got ATR mention by C. Brown as baby of quality. Shak is getting first out winners from small sample and Lenstar’s dam Crypto’s Best was fast early winning at 4.5f in 3rd start at Churchill. Curlout from dangerous baby guru Mareina, is a half to Street Boss. Troy Wismer popped with $100 FTS Virginia Hill at Woodbine a couple years ago and shows up here with Classic Cotton, a High Cotton colt that’s a half to nice Puntrooskie..

Most Likely: #3 Casse’s Story 9-2 2nd
Next Best: #4 Theoryintopractice 7-2 8th
Best Value: #9 Lenstar 15-1 4th
Exotics Use: #7 Classic Cotton 12-1 5th

7th: 4th Lure-R, 4+, 8.5f-T (G/S, P3, DD)

With the SCR of March, will look to Euro invader Ectot who has talent and buzz..

Best Value: #6 Ectot 5-1 4th
Next Best: #7 Full Mast 5-2 3rd
Exotics Use: #1 Shining Copper 3-1 WON ($6.50)
Super Add: #8 Offering Plan 8-1 5th

8th: 91st Test, 3yo-F, 7f (P4, P3, DD)

Kareena has been lying in wait for this and despite disappointment of Mohaymen, KMc strong with this kind of lead-in. Continues to drill with panache. Lightstream gets back to what she wants and poses biggest threat to favorite..

Most Likely: #3 Kareena 9-5 6th
Best Value: #5 Lightstream 8-1 2nd
Next Best: #6 Lewis Bay 9-2 4th
Exotics Use: #7 Off the Tracks 8-5 3rd

9th: 13th Waya (G3), F&M-3+, 12f-IT (P3, DD)

Agreed Friday with Nick Tammaro that time and conditions are right for Treve sister Trophee to break through in graded company. Now a mature mare, her summer efforts under Rosario signal development and she figures a good trip midpack. 6-1 would be fine..

Best Value: #9 Trophee 6-1 7th
Next Best: #6 Guapaza 5-2 WON ($9.00)
Exotics Use: #7 Ball Dancing 12-1 4th
Super Add: #10 Desiree Clary 8-1 5th

10th: 89th Whitney (G1), 3+, 9f (DD)

Frosted stretches back out off historic Met Mile win and even if he simply returns to earth, he’ll still be the horse to beat. But be sure to acknowledge that Comfort, Upstart, Noble Bird and Effinex all have races in their toolbox that win here. I’ll key for off Upstart who owns wins over the surface, is working brilliantly and may be coming to a peak effort..

#4 Frosted 3-5 ($3.00)
Best Value: #3 Upstart 10-1 3rd
Next Best: #6 Effinex 7-2 4th
Exotics Use: #5 Noble Bird 10-1 5th

11th: 13th De La Rose-R, F&M-4+, 1m-IT

Classy set with at least half the field capable on best. Honest pace expected giving Stormy Victoria and Lady Lara first run on the deep closers..

Most Likely: #3 Stormy Victoria 6-1 2nd
Best Value: #4 Lady Lara 8-1 WON ($8.40)
Next Best: #10 Zindaya 3-1 3rd
Exotics Use: #9 Robillard 6-1 6th

P4 Grid:

8: 3-5 (A), – (B), 6-7 (C)
9: 6-7-9 (A), – (B), 1-2-10 (C)
10: 3-4 (A), 2-5-6 (B), 1 (C)
11: 3-4 (A), 7-9-10 (B), 1-5 (C)

Simple (A+B): 2x3x5x5 = 150 x .50 = $75
All A’s: 2x3x2x2 = $24 ($12 for .50)